Lately my computer screen has been littered with sticky notes that all contain links to articles I’ve read, podcast ideas I need to listen to, a quote I’ve found that I want to remember, lots of things I want to keep track of. It’s nice to have a collection of things to read or listen to if I don’t have enought time to sit down with a book, but I don’t want to mindlessly scroll through instagram in my spare minutes.

I’ve also been working on writing intentionally again, and underneath my pile of projects lies this great fear that what I produce is not meaningful enough. It seems like the internet /media is loaded and overflowing with noise and clatter and junk, and I don’t want to add to the chaos. Likewise, I feel so strongly about guarding my mind from filling it with this incessant noise. So I hope to open this space wide for that which is true, good, and beautiful. The balance is in finding inspiration and using it to inform my own words and thoughts. So I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been filling my brainbox with, and let’s be honest — one of the real reasons for sharing all these things is to clear them from my sticky note collection!

Hope you find some goodness here.


What we’re reading…..

A Man Called Ove (Fredrik Backman),
Redeeming Love (Francine Rivers)

Liturgy of the Ordinary (Tish Harrison Warren),
Gifts of Imperfection (Brene Brown),
The Art of Slow Writing (Louise DeSalvo),
Not Without Laughter (Langston Huges),
Green Ember Series (S.D. Smith)

>  The other day Andrew asked me for a book suggestion and I saw a copy of Redeeming Love on the shelf. I reccomended it to him halfheartedly, not entirely sure he would go for it, but then I told him how much it meant to me when I read it in college. He picked it up and read it in 3 days flat. It made me feel so loved!

> For Easter dinner, our aunt & uncle who we’re living with had these two awesome families over after church. Tons of people lately have been recommending The Green Ember Series to me, and days before Easter I found out we were having lunch with the author! I enjoyed every minute we spent with them on that sweet holiday afternoon.   It was soul-filling to spend time talking about literature and education and imagination with people who are so wise and kind and gracious and just so interesting. I am starting the first book of the series today and I can’t wait! I always need more fiction in my life.

What I’m listening to…

What I’m thinking about…

> On International Women’s Day, I noticed some unfortunate lines of thinking that misunderstood feminism by dismissing the beauty of homemaking. Maybe this article will help us all remember that making a home is one of the most wonderful things you can do no matter where you are in life — the root of feminism is the freedom to live without shame no matter your pursuits.

This article brought tears of joy to my eyes and I had to read it three times over. Inspiration found when she wrote:

“My life is his story and he wants me to understand it as much as possible. Even if no one else ever reads it, even if I dig up the same old bones as every other writer, he’s put the shovel in my hand, so the best thing I can do is keep digging.”

> I don’t remember when I read this but it’s important nonetheless. A vibrant, healthy, alive imagination is a precious gift. Let’s always exercise ours well! I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of all the goodness over at Story Warren

Don’t you love this?! by Jennifer Trafton



18159521_10158402069950012_1648355832_o Andrew and I stayed up late one night reading the last chapters of The Wingfeather Saga out loud by the light of a headlamp & the last of our bonfire. I’ve loved these series so much. The quote below is from one of the characters who AP based off of Rich Mullins. Love.


“I’ve spent my whole life traveling, always looking to the next town, the next city, the next adventure — & I never knew what I was looking for until now. I used to think it was the thrill of new places, new people, the satisfaction of singing a story they’ve never heard. There’s a powerful magic in songs, you know. They can aim at the heart, point it at what matters. My own heart has been aimed at the far horizon, & my feet have followed. But now I’m as tired as an old bed, [yet] my feet are still restless. I’m tired of moving, & yet I can’t wait to leave. I’m homesick — I’ve always been so. I can’t rest until I finally learn what that means.”


Sometimes I need to keep good words writtend down and they get put to use as bookmarks





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