Gratitude lately

Hello from America, sweet friends!

Here’s a little bit of Carolina autumn goodness I’ve been gathering since landing back on the homeland.

Lately I’ve been hugely grateful for the place where I get to live. This small town, the parks and trails along the river, the huge trees along the sidewalk in my neighborhood, it’s so refreshing after having existed in a city for the past year. So many times I find myself all but gawking at something as simple as  a huge oak or a sunset in wide open sky, and that’s when I learned- as if I’m learning it for the very first time- that the best way to move through this shifting, transitional whirlwind season of adjustment is to fix my heart on Jesus and cast my gaze towards the place where He has me.

Because guys, this place is gorgeous.

Lately, I’ve been thankful for…

…my neighborhood and the walks I take that settle my heart.


…Mexican food and the family around the table


…coffee shops with window seats (and being able to order in English!)


…library art that inspires


…the fact that each and every one of these are in a language I can read ;)


…coming across words that resonate just as much as they did this time last year


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