Only the Good Things

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!

If you couldn’t tell from my last melancholy-toned last post, I’ve been struggling to find joy in the day-to-day. The beginning of January brought me to the start of a brand new and very different semester at Jasaeng Academy, and it wasn’t necessarily bad, but the very first day just started off different. And change is hard, so I guess I didn’t handle it as best as I could. I learned very early on in Korea (should have probably learned this one a long while ago…) that a positive attitude has profound effects on every aspect of my life. After I grew acclimated to the new schedule at school, the new routine, the new students, the new facility (we expanded!), the new teachers, the new “feel,” I guess I just sortof settled into my rut of unhappiness without taking any effort to change my heart or my attitude. You can guess how well that has been going for me….

SO. On Sunday night, before starting yet another week of potential schedule changes at work, frustrations with language barriers, the forever struggle of what to eat on a daily basis, my complete inability to wake up before 8 am, my lack of care for my own body/health/heart, I decided something had to change. Sunday night, I did what I used to always do in college before starting another week- and this ritual always always helped center and focus and direct my heart and mind for starting a week ahead:

straighten up the apartment. that pile of clothes on the couch that’s been there for two weeks? hung in the closet. done.

those dishes in the sink? wash. dry. put them away.

wipe clean the countertops.

pack a lunch for the following day.

light a candle.

after a helpful peptalk with my friend and co-worker, Rose, during which we talked ourselves into a “we got this” mentality, I fell asleep that night more hopeful and fulfilled and expectant of a better week ahead.

Six classes on Monday, my first long day in 3 weeks and it felt so good to be back in the grind.

Two classes on Tuesday, and all my students (grade 3 and middle schoolers) were in crazy good funny moods.

I started doing yoga every single day, and my body feels so much more refreshed and energized! I’ve never been consistent with the practice, but I’m hoping this is the start of a long committment.

50 degrees and sunshine and running till my legs shake. (vitamin D + endorphins: Need I say more?)

Fun weekend hangs with friends, filled with laughter and good food (TGI Friday’s in SK y’all!) …and cute babies.

I splurged on some blueberries. best decision ever and worth every won I spent.

I stumbled upon some great new jams that keep my energy levels up for the 3 hour desk time I have at school.

So I say all of this not to paint an idealistic picture of my small life, but instead to celebrate finally emerging from this sad little slump I’ve been wallowing in for the past weeks. There will always be good days and bad ones. Valleys of sorrow and rivers of joy. Yet we’re invited to revel in each moment that comes and celebrate it all!

Here’s to hoping you find some goodness in your every day.

PS. Required listening: If this isn’t some of the happiest – sounding tunes to ever grace your eardrums, then I’m not sure what to tell ya. (I had visions of my wedding starting at 16 seconds. Listen and maybe you’ll be inspired somehow, too!)

Wyoming – by Family and Friends


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