Dear Korea…

I like it when you snow and I happen to glance out my window to see a few little flakes…


I like your abundance of coffee shops for reading on rainy Sundays…


I love that you have more trees than my college campus in the country, and that even some of your parking lots look like this…


I love that you are festive…


I love the kindhearted people who I work with…


I like that you have enough foreigners here to celebrate thanksgiving and make an abundance of potato salad…


I like your traffic circle and the view of your mountains that makes me stop in the street every time and your massive christmas tree in the center…


I like watching your sunsets from my apartment window…


I really love your market and buying cheap vegetables with the dirt still on their skin…


and I love your children…


November in Korea was full of good things. I don’t deserve this abundant life, but I am thankful every single day.

I am thankful to live in a beautiful city, I am thankful to work at a school with kind teachers and a principal who texts me the weather forecast and reminds me to bring a coat, I am thankful for a church family, I am thankful for this whole year- all the challenges and hardships that strengthen my hope in Christ, that deepen my need for Him, that further my love for who He is. When I first moved here, I remember a conversation with one of my friends at church who framed all these lessons I’m learning and how they are aligned with the faithfulness of God–

she simply grinned and said, “He’s your friend!”

Yes & amen. What more could I need?


One thought on “Dear Korea…

  1. Helen Martin

    AMEN! I am thankful that you are seeing how God is taking care of you in every little and big situation. God’s care is one of the best things I learned from traveling alone to places I did not know. Thank you for sharing your heart.

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