Thursday evening thoughts

Today I woke up at 6:30 am. Watched the last moments of my first Korean sunrise, thought about how God does not hesitate on His promises. Fell back asleep while the cool breeze refreshed my little studio.

Woke back up around 8:30, watered my plants and swept this floor that continually stays dusty. Scrambled eggs. Sipped tea while talking to some of the four most beautiful faces in the U.S. Grace, Sarah, Sarah, Alli. We talked about what God is teaching us, some of us got emotional, we laughed, it felt like I wasn’t an ocean away.

I walked to school at 1pm, like I do every day. A little bit disappointed that the cool breezes from this morning didn’t stay, that the sun was hot, that it didn’t feel like how October should feel. No, I thought to myself. Don’t discount the goodness of this day because you’re a little bit sweaty and your feet already hurt. I was walking past the grocery story, turning right, stoping the negative, a mental 180. I was halfway across the crosswalk by the traffic circle when the thought struck my heart straight through: I’m so happy here. I don’t deserve this outpouring of goodness. I must, at all times, praise and thank Him!

You should know, I walked into my office to see a package and a letter on my desk, all the way from Chicago, from my sister Caroline. Tears, of course, because I inhale written words as a love and life source, and because she wrote, “I believed God was still good” over and over and over.

Cheap iced coffee from the first-floor convince store works wonders and gives me magic teaching powers. An evening of amazing classes flew by, mid-term week planned and prepared, then the principal pops in to ask if I’m hungry and how I feel about Chinese food, 20 minutes later there are four Korean women and one foreigner in a classroom sitting in chairs built for 7 year olds, slurping noodles up with chopsticks and dripping sweet and sour sauce all over the table, eating until my heart and stomach are filled to the brim with new foods and newer friendships that grow each time we gather. I retire back to my office to double-check some things, the principal calls me to her office and there’s an ice cream cake and they are lighting candles and she whispers, “It’s Emily’s birthday!” and we tiptoe down the hall to Emily’s classroom and sing happy birthday while she laughs and repeats “kamsahamnida!” over and over and over. We gather around the little table with little chairs once more and eat almost the entire cake. And I think to myself, “kamsahamnida” over and over and over.

Then it’s 8:35 pm and I walk home and sing the words to myself and hum the tune out loud….

“… all I know is grace.”

thank you. kamsahamnida. thank you. kamsahamnida.

God is good. He does not hesitate on His promises.


4 thoughts on “Thursday evening thoughts

  1. Mandy

    Beautiful writing! This is my favorite so far. Your words come from a place of deep gratitude. You are a brave and beautiful young woman. Thanks for your light in this world!

  2. Thank you for sharing all of this, my Kate! I’ve loved reading through each of your experiences…life after CU is certainly different, but SO full of learning! I’ve been studying Romans recently and I feel like Romans 5 relates well to what you have expressed. I hope you learn from it as I have. He really is so so good. Love and miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. KATE. I love reading through all of your experiences!! Thank you for sharing your heart with us – distance cannot stop you from doing that :) I’ve been reading through Romans recently and felt like you would really enjoy Romans 5. I hope you learn just as I have. Read it over twice, three times even. He is so so good! Miss you so much!!!!


  4. Donna Taylor

    As I sit at my table on Lisadell Drive, I realize that the world, in fact, is not as big as I thought. Kate, as you open up your heart to us, an ocean away (at the very least) we feel like we are right next door. My dear one, may God continue to give you peace, comfort and contentment as we all draw closer to Him from many points on this blue and green marble. Love you!

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