Wednesday morning thoughts

I prayed these  words on July 27th.

Andrew and I had just spent the weekend together, and time was beginning to slip away as my departure date for Korea raced towards us. It was during the month of July when I began to see this new facet of God’s grace- when I began to see Jesus as beautiful still, when all is stripped away, and at the same time- when Jesus became all beauty and goodness and realness and closeness to me while he lavishly poured out His gifts and mercies. At the same time. I began to see that the goodness of God is as constant in dark and trying hours as it is in times of wealth and ease.

My life on September 24th echoes the same grace, the same beauty and the same joy. Months later, across the globe. 

Thank you for laughter and music and friends and good food and cool breezes and tender mercies and warm sun and trees and joy and sleep and love. Thank you for being merciful enough to place us in all this beauty and hold us together here, and to whisper, “More to come.”


2 thoughts on “Wednesday morning thoughts

  1. Helen Martin

    Hi Kate, Thanks for sharing yourself and your walk with the Lord and your time away with me and the others who are reading your posts and praying for you and your dear family. I am blessed and challenged every time I read your words. May our Lord continue to bless and keep you always. Love, Helen

    1. Kate

      Hi hi hi!!! So kind of you… thank you for praying, it blesses and encourages me more than I could ever express! I’m so thankful that God has allowed my words to speak to others! Thanks for your kind words!

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