the fragrance o…

the fragrance of the knowledge of Him everywhere

We recognize and enjoy the comforting, satisfying, pervasive sweetness of what is fragrant, but no human words can adequately convey the effect of a sweet scent. It can be recognized  but it cannot be described…The fragrance of Christ is like the Father. It conveys the sweetness of the Father’s love, the glory of the Father’s character, the desirable loveliness of the Father’s goodness. All that we can say is that this fragrance was the quality which brought the Presence of God to men. And all that we can say to describe the fragrance of a truly spiritual life is that it reminds men of Christ, it brings the atmosphere of His Presence near to men… By new birth we, too, have the heavenly deposit within us, and it is that heavenly life which provides the fragrance of Christ, for it is His life being lived out through us. Paul speaks of this cloud of sweet smelling incense being diffused “in every place”: it goes where we go, for it is a very part of our inner life.

Harry Foster, on The Fragrance of Christ

I long for the fruit of my life with Christ to be so evident it can be smelled- oh to breathe Him in deeply and be filled with the fragrance of the knowledge of Him. to smell like the Father. heavenly life lived through us. 

{2 corinthians 2:14}


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