Springing from drought

Life seems like a continual cycle, always changing shifting  moving expanding and shrinking. Today is the first day of spring, and I began thinking about this metaphor of life as it revolves around and themes seem continually repeats themselves- much in the same way the seasons change, and begin again.

The past few days I’ve been walking through a spiritual drought. I know exactly what causes my heart to feel this dry, but I wasn’t seeking water. This is the cycle: I find myself empty, and full. Dry and thirsty, then satisfied.

C. S. Lewis once said,

To love Him we must know Him. And if we know Him, we shall in fact fall on our faces. If we do not, that only shows that what we are trying to love is not yet God.

First I realized that I’ve been fooled into thinking “happiness” is equivalent to joy. Then I realized how I’ve been trying to love what isn’t God in the same way I ought to love Him. I heard once that He created nothing that gives us more pleasure than Him. And maybe my theology isn’t completely correct, but as I was spending time with Him today I realized one final thing: He doesn’t give me good things as a way to taunt me to make me struggle to love Him more. If there really is nothing created that can give me more pleasure than He can, I am free to love Him more! The fight is over because I know He will always be the source of my satisfaction, pleasure, and deepest joy. Sometimes I will just get confused and look to things created for happiness. Then I find myself in the desert, then He comes and finds me.

I’m thankful for the beginning of a new season, in more than just a calendar date and a change in the weather, it’s a new season of growth, relationships, and spiritual journeys. So thankful that God shows me these truths, breaks through my drought with the purest water, and reminds me of His faithfulness time and time again.

Happy spring!



What if the spring comes soon and we’re surprised?
What if the seasons help us realize,
some things are only proven over time?
Even the winter won’t last forever
We’ll see the morning, we’ll feel the sun
We’ll wake up in April, ready and able
Sowing the seeds in the soil of our love.


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