Gratitude lately

Where do I even begin? I could list a full anthology of what I have to be grateful for every day, but this day was filled, minute by minute with God’s outpouring of blessings through His spirit. I continue to process through what I wrote about yesterday, I continue to filter everything through this fresh perspective. I never want it to change from being this way! 

— Grateful for deep meaning surfacing from songs in chapel, from one of the most encouraging chapel messages of my college life, from conversations with people who are practically strangers. Meaning is everywhere..

— Grateful for my beautiful red-head friend who is coming to visit me!

— Grateful for a successful pile of pancakes to feed my hall a special Valentine’s Day dinner, grateful for their encouragement as I bustled around the kitchen! Grateful for their laughter, smiles, and joy just being in their presence.

— Grateful for the trajectory of life I’m on. Grateful that I don’t know the end of it, but am amazed by the grace of the process. 

— Grateful for people who “get” me, and for encouraging letters that bring tears by my mailbox. 

& much more, as always…Image


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