In friendship ……

In friendship … we think we have chosen our peers. In reality, a few years’ difference in the dates of our births, a few more miles between certain houses, the choice of one university instead of another … any of these chances might have kept us apart. But, for a Christian, there are no chances … The friendship is not a reward for our discriminating and good taste in finding one another out. It is the instrument by which God reveals to each of us the beauties of others.

–C. S. Lewis

     I came across this quote a few days ago and kept it on a sticky note until I could read it over and think about it a little bit. Immediately my dearest friends come to mind, how conversations are rare but oh how special they are because of their infrequency. I am always, always, blessed and encouraged by hearing their voices on the other end of a telephone line. I am continuously relieved to know they pray for me and want God’s best for me. I am ever amazed at the beautiful adventures of their lives; the past informing the present and the journey of grace we all are walking together- whether in Virginia, Chicago, or next to me in room 338. 
So blessed by the hearts of my sisters, friends, roommate. 


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