Second Semester Joy

The past 2 Spring semesters have always brought a renewed sense of hope for me. Hope for the work I will do in my classes, hope for the opportunities laid before me; and combined with that hope is great motivation from the refreshing 3 weeks of winter break. Coming back to school this week was rough, and it’s never rough. Flying home stole almost all of my energy and joy, and as I made my way back to campus that day I realized how much I didn’t want to. But, Jesus is gracious and gave me what I needed. A full day of RA Inservice and sessions was tiring but so beneficial; I learned a lot and was blessed and encouraged by the day, though it was long. Once my girls started moving back in my energy for the semester reached the point were I knew I was excited once again. 

Things like this take time, for me. This week was a reminder that for our days this side of eternity, sometimes it takes a little while for Joy to come. Constantly I have been relying on the strength of Christ, and constantly He blesses me- my human brokenness just has me take a little while longer to recognize it. 

While I was on break I listened to some good encouraging music that helped refocus my heart. Here’s one of the songs I had on repeat because I couldn’t get enough of the truth in the words. 

Abide in the Savior, abide in His love — HE is our fullness of joy. 

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