Finals week makes me think about Scotland

Updated a few details on the page. Mainly because I got nostalgic about Scotland (hence, the new background). The end of the semester hits and out in these cornfields, my wanderlust is outta control. 

Enjoy these scenes… How I wish I could relive themImage
Standing on Chariots of Fire beach, The city of St. Andrews in the background
Ruins at St. Andrews
Sea meets land
National Library of Scotland. Across the street from where J.K. Rowling penned her first thoughts that became Harry Potter. Holy Ground. 
The scenery. The collision of nature and quaint towns…
Just chillin’ at St. Andrews University
Glascow.. (Sorry this shrunk!)
Nothing has even stolen my breath like the Highlands did…


2 thoughts on “Finals week makes me think about Scotland

    1. kgstover

      Thanks! I went in high school and fell in love with Europe… Fingers crossed I get to study abroad this may in England! I’ve definitely caught the travel bug, hopefully you get to adventure out there as well! It’s incredible.

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