My Anthology of Thanks

An anthology from A to Z- Though there are plenty more gratefullnesses than just 24…

Apple pie waiting to be baked this afternoon
Big hugs from my dad
Cuddling with my sweetheart little brother, Chai, Candy corn
Digging through my memory bank and processing all the thoughts & emotions that come with seeing my family’s new house for the first time
Eating moms homemade biscuits & gravy for breakfast
Finding the warm comfort of an old sweatshirt as soon as I got home
Good coffee
Hope, my anchor
Inspiration for writing the moments I live through
Jonathan. my brother’s humor and too-short sweatpants fill my heart with joy and my mouth with constant laughter at almost every word he says
Keeping my sanity until Thanksgiving break began (A miracle!) 
Laughter; everyday necessity
Motherly love- keeping me going and keeping me stable in this phase of strangeness
“Not of good that I have done….” grace that overwhelms my weary soul
Opening my heart to a new place
Pensive moods that lead to thoughts that lead to writing; and for enough emotional stability to not let the thoughts drag me down
Quitting the team– this summer I decided to not run XC for my school. hard, but the best decision I could have made for my 26 girls I get to live with as their RA
Rachel. I simply can’t get through life without this best friend of mine
Speaking the truth; learning this
Time to myself; learning how to do this, too
Understanding and loving what I get to learn in all my classes this semester
Venting healthily. Is that possible? I hope so, because my roommate & I do it constantly
Winter’s approaching
X is for Xmas and cremebrulee latte’s in red cups, wreaths on the front door, Nat King Cole, ginger snaps, an excuse to eat 3 candy canes a day… Oh, this is a Thanksgiving post- whoops;)
mY church; the most welcoming body of Christ I have been a part of in Ohio and a huge blessing to my heart for opening up opportunities to serve and be challenged
ZzzzzzZZzz’s happening a lot this weekend.. hallelujah!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends


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