Monday’s are for gratitude.

Gratitude turns everything we have into enough

Through the course of the month’s that I’ve been wandering through this experience as a Junior in college and an RA of a primarily freshman floor (crazy but wonderful!), there are really only a few things that keep me sane, alive, moving. Encouragement from my ever-loving roommate and friends, 1 Peter and the Psalms,, and most of all, cultivating gratitude. At the beginning of the year I realized early on that I have more to be thankful for than I have time to be grateful. So I journal about how thankful I am, and I list what I’m thankful for. This process has left me with a sense of overwhelming peace, and at the same time it shows me how great my treasure is in Christ alone. With knowing Christ as my greatest treasure, and with continuing thankfulness ringing in my heart, it is truly incredible how much it helps me to have a better attitude; how it helps me to love people deeply; how it helps me to realize how blessed I am; how much it focuses me on things that matter. Gratitude is powerful!

I was inspired by Ian and Larissa’s story;  a beautiful testimony of selfless love, a beautiful reminder for me that knowing and treasuring Christ is more important than anything. Anything.

With that, how can I not continuously praise my Maker for all the blessings He has lavishly poured out on me?
Every day is a day of gratitude, but here I’ll write my thanks on Monday’s.

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Fresh coffee every morning.
An org. of beautiful women and friends who push me towards Godliness.
My incredible family.
A roof over my head and the comfort of room 338.

Here’s to hoping that you also can dwell on what you have to be thankful for… there is so much, friends.


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